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Sometimes it seems like our homes are a moving target. Just as soon as you get one part of the house just like you want it, something needs tending to in another area. So, for most of us, we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing that’s going to show up – invited or not – on our “home maintenance” to-do list.

Now, when “air conditioning system replacement” comes up on that list, that’s quite a significant situation. Home comfort systems are a sizeable part of your home investment, so it’s never something to take lightly. But when it’s time, three things should be on your evaluation list:

System Age – If your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you could save up to 20 percent on cooling and heating costs if you replaced it with a unit that has earned the Energy Star label.

Repair/Energy Costs – A home comfort system has what’s called “operational” costs. If your system is racking up repair bills and guzzling up your energy dollars, you may be overdue for an efficiency upgrade.

Uncomfortable Environment – A home comfort system is supposed to create a comfortable home environment, right? Well, if you’re not comfortable, take note. Are some rooms too hot or too cold? Does your home have humidity problems? This could be a sign of poor or improper equipment operation.

3 Responses to “How Do You Know If It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?”

  1. Burt Silver

    My air conditioner performed much worse this summer than it had in the past. We didn’t change anything in our AC habits, but the bill increased drastically. I didn’t realize that could be a sign that I need to replace it. I will have to look into finding a new air conditioner before the summer.

  2. Gary Puntman

    It’s good to know that if your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it might be time to have it replaced, like you said. I know mine is over 10 years old. I have noticed my energy bills are going up, so it might pay off in the long run to just get a new and more energy-efficient system.


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