The Routines of Saving Money, Protecting Family Health

Just think of it as any ordinary experience-you make a simple call that preserves a multi-thousand dollar investment, decreases your monthly energy expenses and protects your family from serious dangers that can come from faulty heating equipment operation.

Actually, there’s nothing routine about routine maintenance on your heater or furnace. It’s the type of decision making that the most discerning homeowners choose. That’s because it pays for itself in energy-savings, lengthens the life of a fairly pricey piece of equipment and detects dangers-particularly that of carbon monoxide leaks-that could prove to be a very serious risk for your family’s health and well-being.

Here’s what you can expect from a regular maintenance routine:

Longer Equipment Life-Just like with your car or truck, mechanical equipment needs to be maintained if you want it to operate efficiently and safely over the long term. And home comfort systems are very long-term investments. After all, you’ll want to keep it running safe and smooth for longer than most people keep their vehicles, so don’t you think it’s due a “professional pit stop” now and then? Absolutely. Taking care of your home comfort system is the best way to make sure it keeps taking care of you.

Energy Savings-Again, just like with your vehicle, poor condition can affect gas mileage, but better condition makes it better. Connections and systems in your heating equipment can get loosened or go lax over time, and that affects efficiency-which affects your energy costs. Routine maintenance is like pressing a “reset button.” It takes your system back to an earlier time when equipment was running efficiently and safely. And your energy bills show the difference.

Repair Savings-When you detect a minor problem before it becomes a major repair, you trade the major cost for a minor expense. And that’s a very good trade. In addition, you avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown at a most uncomfortable time-which would trade a routinely scheduled tune-up for an emergency service call. And that’s not a good trade.

Peace of Mind-Heating system tune-ups also come with all-important safety checks to detect the presence of carbon monoxide and other dangers. This importance cannot be overstated!

Schedule your routine maintenance now. Just call or email, and we’ll take care of you.

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