Parking Lot Lighting Services in Southeast Michigan

In Michigan, where it gets dark around 5 p.m. for half the year, it’s vital to have parking lot lights that your employees, customers, and tenants can count on. Dark parking lots invite vandalism and theft, increase the risk of accidents, and promote other dangerous scenarios. Plus, a dimly lit parking lot creates a negligent appearance that might turn off some of your customers.

When you need bright, efficient, modern parking lot lighting for your building, turn to Robin Aire Service Company for the job. We can install lights in new parking lots, replace outdated fixtures, and maintain your existing lighting to optimize the safety and security of your building’s exterior.

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Expert Parking Lot Lighting Installation in Southeast Michigan

If you’re constructing a new commercial building, you need a suitable parking lot to match. Along with choosing the lot’s size and parking space orientation, don’t forget to consider your lighting needs.

Robin Aire installs parking lot lights, canopy lights, fluorescent signs, and other electrical devices to help you get the most out of your parking lot. We can even aid in the design process, helping you choose the appropriate pole style, height, and placement, as well as bulb brightness, to ensure adequate coverage for your entire lot. Then, our experienced parking lot lighting technicians can install the fixtures you select with all applicable code requirements in mind.

Parking Lot Lighting Replacement for Southeast Michigan Commercial Properties

For years, high-intensity discharge fixtures served as the traditional choice for parking lot lights. However, as these fixtures age, many building owners are changing them out for light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. Consider these reasons to retrofit your parking lot lights with the latest LED technology:

  • Burned-out bulbs: If your existing HID fixtures are starting to burn out, now’s the perfect time to upgrade to LED parking lot poles with lights that last for 50,000 hours — that’s over 10 years of nighttime use!
  • Uneven lighting: The last time you drove around your parking lot at night, did you notice any dark patches? Anywhere that lacks adequate lighting could be prone to increased incidents. Don’t wait until it’s too late — consider installing new light poles to combat uneven lighting.
  • High energy costs: HID fixtures are expensive to operate. Switching to high-efficiency LED parking lot lights can cut your operating costs by 50% to 75%, resulting in a payback period of five years or less.
  • Rising maintenance requirements: As your old HID fixtures continue to age, they require more attention to remain operational. Stop paying to maintain your inefficient lights, and put your money toward cost-effective LED replacements instead.
  • Fewer visitors to your store after dark: Studies show that exterior lighting quality is among the top three factors that drive customers into retail spaces. Are your parking lot lights meeting your needs? If not, it might be time to replace them.

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Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance in Southeast Michigan

Add value and improve the security of your building with routine parking lot lighting maintenance. Robin Aire offers cost-effective service contracts for your worry-free convenience. This is a great way to fit vital lighting maintenance into your operating budget. Here’s what our maintenance services include:

  • Quarterly on-site parking lot lighting inspections
  • Maintenance reports for your records
  • Prompt response times when you request a repair

Why Choose Robin Aire To Service Your Parking Lot Lights?

The commercial electricians at Robin Aire are dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best parking lot lighting at the most affordable price. Our services are catered to your needs and budget to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

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