GFCI Outlet Installation in Southeast Michigan

GFCI outlets help make your home safer and allow you to use high-wattage appliances and tools conveniently near water sources. Most often installed in the kitchen and bathroom, these outlets can also be useful in your basement, garage, workshop, or outdoor areas.

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What Is a GFCI Outlet?

Also called a GFCI breaker, the ground fault circuit interrupter outlet features a reset button. It is essentially an electric outlet with its own circuit breaker built in. This convenient “local” circuit breaker automatically switches off your hairstyling tools (like a blow-dryer) or other high-powered appliances before an electrical overload can occur. GFCIs help to prevent electrical shocks or fires that could otherwise happen with a regular electrical outlet (with no built-in breaker).

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Why Do I Need a GFCI Breaker?

Let us install GFCI outlets in and around your home where needed to help ensure your:

  • Compliance with building and fire codes: The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires GFCI outlets or breakers in any area where electricity is used within 6 feet of water indoors, or within 20 feet of a pool or spa outside. If you live in one of the lovely, vintage homes in Southeast MI, your house was likely built without any GFCIs. We can also perform any home electrical rewiring you may require.
  • Family protection: In a modern world, you and your family may sometimes need to use electrically powered appliances or tools in the same room as, or nearby, a water source. GFCI outlets help prevent accidents from happening that can cause burn injury or severe electric shock.
  • Property safety: Without a GFCI, you risk damaging your home due to fire. Electrical overloads can also cause damage to your home’s electrical wiring, which could be expensive to repair.
  • Convenience: A GFCI outlet makes daily chores easier. You can simply reset your outlet and restore power, right there where you are, in the kitchen or bathroom. Alternatively, we can install the GFCI at the main breaker panel if that provides you easier access. We can also perform general electric panel upgrades for your home.

Do I Need GFCI Replacement?

If any of your existing GFCI outlets are acting up, you should ask our experienced SE Michigan electricians to take a look and possibly replace them with new, properly functioning outlets. GFCI outlets that are in your home now may have been incorrectly installed in the past, since proper GFCI installation can be tricky. Watch for issues like a constantly tripping GFCI or any odors, noises, or sparks coming from the outlet.

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For Your Safety, Don’t DIY Your GFCI

Please rely upon licensed electricians in SE Michigan, with the experience, proper tools, and testing equipment, to perform GFCI installation and repair. Don’t put yourself in danger. We also offer commercial electrical services for your business.

Get Expert GFCI Breaker Installation or Repair in Southeast MI

Our friendly, experienced electricians can install new GFCIs, or replace faulty GFCIs, in your home upon request. We can also inspect your Novi, Milford, or Wixom area home to make sure you have protective GFCI outlets in all crucial areas throughout the house. There are some recommended areas that may not have occurred to you as a homeowner, such as your laundry room or utility room. Robin Aire is ready to help with all your home electrical needs, as well as HVAC and plumbing.

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