Water Heaters

Robin Aire offers maintenance, repair, and replacement services for tank and tankless water heaters. If you need to replace a water heater, you can choose from a traditional tank–style heater or an on–demand, tankless system. Storage tank water heaters store 40 to 120 gallons of water at a time and constantly reheat that water regardless of how much is actually demanded. A tankless water heater is also called an “on-demand” water heater because it only heats water when you turn on the hot water tap.

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Water Heater Inspection & Maintenance

Water heater inspection and maintenance is often times overlooked by the average home owner, and yet the proper and ongoing function of the water heater is critical to a family’s comfort, cleanliness and even safety. The national organization of Plumber’s Success International recommends annual inspections and maintenance of your water heater, and replacing the water heater anode rod at least every three years.

The ideal way to inspect a water heater and to check for rusting and corrosion of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger is to use an infrared inspection camera. Robin Aire uses this infrared image to view corrosion within the water heater which cannot be seen with the human eye. It is not recommended that a simple (unaided) visual inspection with a flash light or mirror be used because that damaging corrosion can only be seen with an infrared camera. The infrared image is seen on a monitor screen as different shades of black and white, and can clearly define what areas of a heat exchanger are corroded.

The results our technicians receive from the infrared image enable the home owner to make an educated decision as to whether to replace the water heater. Schedule a safety inspection with Robin Aire to prevent an unwanted and sometimes disastrous situation of a water heater rupture.

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