Here Are 3 Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality In 2021
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Are You Inhaling a Cat?

…or even worse? Seriously, we always hear about “outdoor” pollution, but according to the U.S. EPA, indoor air is often 10 times more polluted. And residents all over Texas complain of coughing, respiratory problems, headaches, sinuses, allergies, you name it. Most try to treat their symptoms with medication, yet the problem can be far easier and less expensive to cure.

See, as indoor pollutants build up, they are spewed into your home’s air (up to 6 times per hour) and can worsen asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. During a Texas summer, indoor air quality can be particularly compromised as homes are sealed tight to keep cooled air from escaping.

What could be going on in the air in your home? Indoor pollutants come from a variety of sources, such as pet hair (a common allergen), VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from paints and furnishings, toxic chemicals from cleaning products and pesticides, and then the truly dangerous molds, spent cigarette smoke, and even deadly carbon monoxide, asbestos and lead. Not a pretty picture. And worse than that “picture”-you can’t see this stuff! It’s just “part” of the air and you breathe it in readily.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s IAQ

Source Control: Pretty self-explanatory… this means eliminating or controlling the source of the IAQ issue. Solutions can range from snuffing out perfumed candles and unplugging synthetic air fresheners, to proper storage of household cleaners. Most people will hate to hear this (because who likes to clean more than they have to?), but you should also vacuum and dust regularly. Something easy that 7-Star Service Company can do for you? Make sure your air conditioning system is properly maintained-because mold and bacteria could grow on cooling coils and in drain pans. Changing your air filter also helps.

Improved Ventilation: As long as the weather cooperates, open doors and windows to let the fresh air into your home. Running the exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens also helps remove contaminants directly from those rooms and increases ventilation. Another way to prevent moisture buildup (that helps mold and bacteria grow)? Make sure attic and crawl spaces have adequate ventilation.

Air Cleaning: Air cleaners can help keep the air clean and fresh, a good bet for asthma and allergy sufferers. There are almost as many options for air cleaning as there are allergies, so let us know if you’re interested in air cleaning for your home. You’ll get the solution that best fits your family, and your budget.

At Robin Aire, we’ve got 15 years of experience helping folks in Michigan be more comfortable in their homes. To identify problems in your home’s indoor air contact us for an Indoor Air Quality Analysis.

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