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We are looking for motivated people who want a full-time career. Promising candidates are those who enjoy installing, repairing, or performing maintenance of mechanical equipment AND helping customers. Formal trade experience is a plus, but if you have mechanical, electrical, or plumbing experience in industries other than HVAC, please apply today.

We are hiring top technicians and electricians!

In our eyes, top rated technicians and electricians deserve to be treated in a top rated manner, including pay, benefits, and company culture. Our highest paid team members have displayed their potential from day one on the job. They are eager to work and eager to learn. Their positive attitude brings up the rest of the team. They have a desire to always bring customers a positive and memorable experience. They want to do the right thing and do it well. As a team member, they are willing to help others with a smile and kind word. If this profile fits you, we’d love to meet you!


APPLY NOW by choosing one of the options listed below.

  1. Complete the ‘Online Employment Application Form’ provided below.
  2. Email your resume to: jobs@robinaire.net.
  3. Call (800) 361-0888

Why Join Our Team?

  • Huge bonus potential
  • Benefits package includes medical insurance, 401k, paid vacations and holidays, job training
  • We are a growing company
  • HVAC employment is expected to grow 21% through 2022.

Ways to Apply

  1. Email resume to jobs@robinaire.net
  2. Fax resume to (248) 380-1877
  3. Complete online application below

Our Openings

We have immediate openings for the following positions:

Commercial HVAC Technician HVAC Installers HVAC Technicians Electricians Duct Cleaners

Employment Opportunities

Don’t Follow The Leader. Become One.

At Robin Aire Service Company, leadership and innovation comes naturally. Our team has constantly transformed to meet the changing landscape of the marketplace, serving the customers with quality service, installations and products. It continues today with innovations that consistently reinvent the business and our team as we strive for raising our standards for quality, safety, and sustainability.

Our team is looking for candidates to fill roles at Robin Aire Service Company. We offer top wages and benefits to our employees with support and a clear path to achieve your maximum potential. Our team exists in the rarefied air, soaring among Eagles.

Mediocrity is not an option! Our top performers do not mind assisting in the growth of a team member, however they do not tolerate being dragged down by anyone not willing to make the effort. When a position opens up it can be that life changing opportunity for you to gain financial and personal success. If you are interested in becoming a part of our business family, start by following this link and completing the instruction as directed. We promise you a prompt response and honest feedback.

*We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and all inquiries are kept confidential.

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