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Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

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The temperature in Southeast Michigan has started to drop, so you go to turn on your heater for the first time this year. You’re expecting your house to start warming up soon, but when you pass by a vent, cold air comes out of it. What gives?

If your heater is blowing cold air, there could be various causes. In this post, we’ll list some common reasons your heater is blowing cold air, how to fix it, and how to prevent further problems.

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Reasons Your Heater Is Blowing Cold Air

If you’re stuck shivering in the winter because your furnace is blowing cold air, you may have to do some investigating. Below are some common reasons that heaters produce cool air.

Dirty Air Filters

How long has it been since you changed your HVAC air filters? Over time, dust, dander, and even pet hair can clog up your air filters and vents. This will put extra strain on your HVAC system, making it less efficient. That means it’ll take much longer for your air to heat up, leaving you with cold air blowing out of the vents. You should first try changing your air filters if cool air comes from your vents.

Damaged Ductwork

The heated air from your furnace travels through the ductwork in your home. If your ductwork is damaged or punctured, the heated air will escape. By the time any air reaches your vents, it could cool down. You’ll have to schedule ductwork repairs with a local HVAC contractor to fix the problem.

Low Gas Supply

If you have a gas furnace, it requires fuel to heat the air in your home. If the air from your vents is cold, you may run out of fuel. There could also be an issue with your fuel supply, fuel tank, or ignition chamber. A skilled HVAC contractor can figure out what’s causing the problem.

Overheating Issues

It’s dangerous for a furnace to overheat — especially gas furnaces. Luckily, a safety feature kicks on when your HVAC system starts overheating. If that happens, the blower fans will turn on and push cold air to cool down your HVAC system.

Clogged Condensate Lines

Heaters rely on condensate lines to drain moisture in the HVAC system. If those lines get clogged, your heater may turn off the ignition automatically. This will result in cold air from your vents until an HVAC contractor clears the blockage.

Fixing Your Heater & How To Prevent Further Issues

If your heater is blowing cold air, don’t panic. Instead, reach out to a professional HVAC contractor for heating repair services. They’ll know exactly what to check and how to fix it efficiently. You’ll have heated air throughout your home again in no time.

To prevent future issues, change your air filters every three to six months, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. You should also schedule routine preventive HVAC maintenance services in the spring and fall.

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