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A Guide To Sizing a Backup Generator

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Power outages are more than just inconvenient. In many instances, they can be dangerous. From not having heat during freezing temperatures to being unable to navigate your home in the dark safely, blackouts can leave you feeling vulnerable. That’s why more and more Michigan homeowners are investing in a whole-home generator.

These sophisticated systems offer immediate access to reliable power and have the capacity to run all of your home’s critical systems. However, to get the most out of a backup generator, you’ll need to ensure you have the proper size system. A system too small won’t be able to power your home, while one that is too large will waste fuel and be less efficient.

In this blog, the expert electricians at Robin Aire Service Company discuss determining the right size generator for your home and needs.

How To Determine the Size You Need

To get the appropriate size generator, homeowners will need to consider a few key factors, including the capacity necessary for their specific needs.

What Do You Want To Power if There’s an Outage

Your first step in determining the right size generator is to identify what appliances or systems you want to be able to run during a power outage. We recommend making a list with items like refrigerators, furnaces, washing machines, ovens, sump pumps, and more.

Calculate the Required Wattage

Next, you’ll need to determine the total wattage these items require. Many appliances will have the wattage stamped onto the unit, or you can also look online for a more generic wattage guide. You must also include the starting wattage and the energy required to turn on each item. This can often be found in the owner’s manual. Then, add these numbers to get the total watts you’ll need for your generator.

Space or Location Available for the Generator

The size of the space where you will install your generator may also impact its size. The generator must be at least 18 inches from your home, 36 inches away from any other structures, and at least 60 inches away from any operable window, door, or opening.

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Choosing the Right Option for Your Home

There is no “one size fits all” approach to generator sizing. Homeowners must find the appropriate equipment size for their specific situation and circumstances. Family size can also impact the amount of energy you will need. Some homeowners may also need medical appliances that require additional power.

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