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HVAC Maintenance Tips

Are you keeping up with the necessary maintenance for your HVAC systems? Do you check filters and replace them as recommended by the manufacturer—and if so, is that the only maintenance any of your HVAC systems has ever had? It may seem odd if you’ve never bothered with it before, but regular maintenance is crucial to the upkeep of most typical heating or cooling systems.

Why Maintenance Matters

Regular maintenance plays a critical role in keeping your HVAC systems working as intended year after year. Without regular maintenance, the natural entropy of any complex system will start to work away at your furnace, air conditioner, fans, etc., until they’re all working inefficiently—and that’s the best case scenario.

If you’re unlucky, going without maintenance means cutting the life span of your HVAC systems, significantly increasing your risk of unexpected outages and pricy emergency repairs, or damage to your home or air quality due to broken components operating unnoticed for long periods of time.

Scheduling Professional Maintenance & Tuning

To keep your heating and cooling systems working their best throughout the year, you’ll want to have a professional work on your systems at least once per year—preferably, right before the seasons when you’ll work those systems the hardest.

If there are any problems with your system, it’s better to find out before you’re sweating or freezing because your system can’t keep up with the weather outside! Our maintenance customers always receive priority service during peak heating and cooling seasons.

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Maintaining Your System Between Tune-Ups

Of course, professional maintenance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing anything to keep your HVAC systems in good working order throughout the rest of the year. To get the absolute most out of your system, and minimize your risk of wasting money on repairs, inefficiency, or other headaches, you’ll want to follow these tips.

First & Foremost: Filters

Replace your heating and cooling air filters every month that they’re in use. Operating your system with old, dirty filters means energy is wasted and your system may even be damaged. While you’re at it, check and clean the filters in your home’s air cleaners and humidifiers.

A Quick Checklist

If you have a forced air heating system check your furnace’s blower compartment and blower coils. Vacuum them if you see dirt and dust there. You should also check fan belt tension, and lubricate fan and motor bearings.

  • If you have a steam system, check the shut-off valve for leaks.
  • Bleed hot water system radiators at least once a year.
  • Don’t keep clutter near your furnace. It’s a fire hazard and may keep your system from operating efficiently.
  • To make sure you’re getting the most out of your heating system, keep the heating registers and vents throughout the house free of dust, dirt, and pet hair by vacuuming them at least once a year.
  • Listen for odd sounds when your heating or cooling system kicks in. If you hear anything unusual, get in touch with your service professional so you can head off problems before they become serious.
  • In winter months, set your ceiling fan at its slowest speed and reverse it in order to gently push warm air down from the ceiling without generating a breeze.

Effective HVAC maintenance means paying attention to what you can and leaving the rest to a trained technician. If you’d like to learn more about what routine maintenance your system needs or you need to schedule a professional tune-up, reach out to Robin Aire online or by dialing (800) 361-0888 !

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