This Is Why Proper Air Filtration In Your Home Is Important
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Top 3 Reasons To Prioritize Proper Air Filtration

Do you know what’s in the air you breathe in your home? Indoor air quality is an oft-overlooked but vital aspect of your health and general well-being. It can also affect energy efficiency, the presence of pests, the state of your home and HVAC systems, and countless other factors in your overall quality of life.

The average home hosts air with 3 to 5 times the pollution of the air outside. Let’s look at why filtering out those contaminants in the air and controlling your home’s air quality matters.

Reason #1: Personal Health

Some pollutants directly contribute to poor health — radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, and carbon monoxide can be lethal even in short-term exposure. However, the science of indoor air quality is ever-evolving, and while poor indoor air quality may not always be the sole issue, it contributes to:

  • More frequent illness
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Dry skin
  • Headaches
  • Poor sleep quality
  • And more

If you struggle with any of these symptoms, consider:

Humidity Management

Excess humidity can encourage mold and mildew growth and attract pests. On the opposing end, a low percentage of humidity can create dry air that agitates your skin, eyes, and lungs.

Air Purification

Outdoor pollutants like pollen will always find a way in, and they compound with indoor pollutants, such as dust, pet dander, mold, and mildew.

Your indoor air can also contain volatile organic compounds — chemical residue from cleaning products and similar sources, which can increase your risk of illness over time. Air purifiers can greatly reduce or eliminate these risks.

Reason #2: Energy Efficiency & Comfort

Dust collected from an air filter

Many of the contaminants we’ve discussed can affect more than just people — they can affect your HVAC equipment and its ability to keep your home comfortable. It takes more energy to achieve the same level of comfort in your home if:

  • Dust is accumulating on wires
  • Mold and pollen are obstructing ducts
  • Excessively high or low humidity affects what the temperature feels like versus the thermostat reading

​​​​​​​Reduce the risk of premature HVAC system replacement when you choose indoor air quality solutions.

Reason #3: Property Damage & Wear and Tear

Mold by a window

Mold, mildew, humidity, and dust can do more than make it hard for your appliances and devices to operate efficiently — they can damage machines, electronics, and delicate furniture, documents, and clothing.

Poor indoor air quality also encourages the presence of pests, which can create similar damage, and negatively affect property value if you’re trying to sell your home.

If you want to prevent bad air from taking its toll on your property, then indoor air quality solutions are a must.

Learn More About Air Filtration and Other Indoor Air Quality Solutions From Robin Aire

If you’re interested in making your air cleaner, there are many solutions to consider. The solution that makes the most sense for you will depend on the contaminants affecting your home and your known allergens, as different solutions target different particles and problems.

At Robin Aire Service Company, we install:

  • MERV air filters to remove particles so they don’t continue to circulate through your air
  • Air purifiers to attract and negate particles your filter might miss
  • UV germicidal lights to eliminate, break up or disable biological particles too small to filter
  • Whole-home humidifiers to maintain appropriate humidity levels for comfort and health

We also offer HVAC maintenance services, which include cleaning system components and repairs and replacing parts as needed to support your unit’s maximum life span.

To learn more about any indoor air quality or HVAC maintenance services available in Southeast Michigan, contact us online or call (800) 361-0888 today.

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