Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Need A Whole-Home Generator
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4 Reasons To Install a Whole-Home Generator

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If you’ve ever had to endure power outages due to a severe storm, you’ve likely owned or considered purchasing a portable generator.

Portable generators offer the benefit of being easier to carry to different areas of your home. However, their smaller wattage capabilities combined with the need for constant refueling make them unreliable during emergencies. By installing a whole-home generator, you can save money and ensure your entire home has power until your neighborhood’s power is restored.

Still need more convincing to ditch your portable generator? Here are four reasons why a whole-home generator is more reliable and cost-effective.

Whole-Home Generators Automatically Switch On and Off

A whole-home generator is connected directly to your electrical panel, so it senses when your home experiences a power outage and automatically kicks on.

This feature is crucial for bitter weather and serious storms because venturing outside to turn on or set up a portable generator can be a safety hazard.

And when your generator senses that your home’s power has been restored, it automatically switches off.

Whole-Home Generators Provide Consistent Power for All of Your Appliances

With a portable generator, your backup power is limited by wattage. It’s rare that an affordable portable generator can provide consistent power to use throughout your home.

You can choose a whole-home generator based on your home size and wattage needs so you can safely and effectively power more than just the essentials like your refrigerator. With a properly sized generator, you can continue to use all your devices, just like when the grid power is on.

Whole-Home Generators Don’t Need Extension Cords

During an emergency, powering a few of your home’s appliances with a portable generator requires several extension cords. This understandably makes many homeowners nervous as it presents a fire hazard in an already dangerous situation.

A whole-home generator can connect directly to your electrical system, so you don’t have to climb over cords and risk an electrical fire.

Whole-Home Generators Cost Less Over Time Than Portable Generators

Portable generators generally require more maintenance, fuel changes, and oil changes than whole-home generators do. Whole-home generators either have larger tanks or use your existing natural gas supply — limiting or eliminating your need for refueling.

Whole-home generators are also built to last through all conditions with a protective casing. They’re installed on a concrete slab, so there’s no danger that they can be disturbed by the weather. This translates to light maintenance needs that focus more on preventative measures than expensive repairs.

Choose Robin Aire for Quality Whole-Home Generator Installation in Southeast Michigan

For whole-home generator installation that helps protect your home and your family during power outage emergencies in Southeast Michigan, contact Robin Aire Service Company.

Our team of professional technicians and electricians can answer any questions you have and provide whole-home generator installation services that you can count on.

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