Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit?

If you’re looking at a troubled air conditioner, you might be debating whether it’s time for AC repairs or replacement. Over time, every air conditioner will reach the end of its service life and need to be replaced — is yours at that point yet, or does it still have good years of life left in it? Today, we’ll look at some of the key factors in making this decision.

How big are the repairs?

If the repairs necessary to get your air conditioner operational again are big enough, there’s not much reason to repair instead of going ahead and upgrading. Where this line is will be up to you, though many will argue that if it’s going to cost a third or more of what a new unit would, you should strongly consider a replacement instead.

How old is your air conditioner?

An air conditioner can live anywhere between 10 to 30 years with minor repairs, depending on different factors such as maintenance upkeep, when it was made, how it’s been used, exposure to adverse elements, etc. After 10 years, you’re looking at a unit that’s probably using outdated technology and losing efficiency, but not by a lot. Any unit past 15 years is probably in rough shape, even though it could go much further with repairs.

How well have you kept up with maintenance?

If you haven’t kept up with the maintenance on your existing unit, it probably has more wear and tear than it should for its age, and some of those issues won’t ever be fully resolved — meaning you’ll be wasting money on inefficient operation and repairs more than you would with a better-maintained unit. If your unit is a risk of becoming a money pit in this way, go ahead and replace it if you can.

What’s the investment worth to you?

Some homeowners will want to consider the impact HVAC upgrades can have on home equity, especially if you have an older unit or you’re thinking about selling soon. Upgrading a little early can help you come out ahead in the long run in many cases, just by improving the value of your home.

Will you need more repairs in the future?

If your system shows signs that it will need further repairs in the future, or you’ve had to repair it frequently already, then you shouldn’t just weigh the current repairs against replacement, but the cost of the repairs a few months from now, and the repairs after that, against replacement. As a unit gets older, these problems get more frequent, and if it’s really old, the parts might start to cost more.

Do you want an upgrade?

A simple factor to consider when weighing repairs versus replacement, but often overlooked: Is there anything about newer units that you’d like to take advantage of? You can cut your monthly energy costs with newer, more efficient units. You could switch over to multizone climate control via ductless heat pumps instead of installing a new AC.

If your current unit isn’t cold enough in the summer or is too big and cycles frequently, replacing it with an appropriate unit can fix those issues. You can even improve indoor air quality through the right upgrade. A replacement AC isn’t necessarily identical; it can represent a significant change in your home comfort.

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