Generator Services in Southeast Michigan

Generator Services in Southeast Michigan

In day-to-day life, it’s easy to forget how much we rely on our power source. From turning on the heat or AC to cooking to bathing, we count on everything turning on so we can get through our daily routines. But, as most Southeast Michigan residents know, a strong storm or powerful wind can disrupt this routine and knock out power for an undetermined amount of time. That’s when having a whole-home generator comes in handy. At Robin Aire, we provide comprehensive whole-home generator services, including generator installation, generator repair, and generator maintenance. So, don’t let a power outage disrupt your life; contact Robin Aire for all of your Southeast Michigan whole-home generator needs today.

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In Southeast Michigan, local storm season can be tough to get through, especially when it leaves you without power. That’s why installing a whole-home generator is a great idea. You can rest easy knowing that your family will be safe and comfortable in the event of a power outage. At Robin Aire, we’re knowledgeable about whole-home generators and will walk you through the generator installation process. We don’t believe in pressuring our customers into sales – we’ll simply provide you with all of the information needed for you to make a decision you’re comfortable with. We install Briggs & Stratton generators, which are reliable and powerful, so you have one less thing to worry about during a power outage.

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When your generator fails or is experiencing issues, it’s important to call in a professional for repairs so your generator gets fixed correctly and is back in working order for when you need it. Some signs that your generator needs to be repaired include:

  • Failure to start: This one seems obvious, but if your generator isn’t starting, that could mean anything from an issue with the electrical system to a dead battery.
  • Constant starting and stopping: If your generator keeps shutting off after you turn it on, this could mean a wide range of issues. It’s best to call a professional to determine what the root cause is.
  • Lack of power flow: If power isn’t flowing from your generator like it usually does, it’s best to call a professional in as soon as possible to take a look. Annual maintenance can help to catch this issue before it becomes a larger problem.


The best way to ensure your generator will kick in when your power goes out is by scheduling regular generator maintenance. During maintenance, we will inspect your generator to make sure it starts properly and doesn’t show any signs of damage. This will not only make sure it works when you need it to, but also help to extend the life of your unit.

Make sure your generator is always ready for an emergency with generator maintenance services from Robin Aire. Call (800) 361-0888 or contact us online to schedule generator maintenance in Novi, Ann Arbor, or Milford today!


We’ve been providing the area with award-winning service since 1985 and continue to strive toward 100% customer satisfaction. For all of your whole-home generator needs, call Robin Aire for reliable service in the Novi, Milford, and Wixom areas.

For generator installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance, call your local Southeast Michigan professionals at Robin Aire. We have experienced technicians who will get the job done right.

Give your generator the best care possible. Choose Robin Aire for all your generator service needs. Call (800) 361-0888 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today!


What circuits should I run during an outage?

Some families choose to operate only critical appliances during an outage, like the refrigerator and HVAC system, while others prefer to power the entire home. Consider what devices you will require during a power outage, such as the refrigerator, stove, medical equipment, communication devices, and HVAC system, then plan your generator installation around those circuits.

How large of a generator should I buy?

That will depend on the number of devices you need to run during an outage. Estimate your power needs by adding up the wattage of all the appliances you would like to run, and if the wattage is not listed, multiply the current in amps by the circuit’s voltage to find the watts. Home standby generators are available anywhere from a few thousand watts to tens of thousands.

Is a transfer switch or interlock necessary?

Yes, absolutely. Not only does it protect your appliances and electronics from damage by preventing the simultaneous connection of utility power and generator power, but it also protects utility workers by making it impossible to energize the power lines they are working on with your generator output.

How often should my generator be serviced?

The oil should be checked every time it runs, and the air filter should be checked monthly. A full maintenance and service visit should be scheduled at least once a year to keep your generator running smoothly and in top condition.

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