Generator Repair Services in Southeast Michigan

During a severe storm or power outage, you and your family always feel safe and comfortable at home when you have a reliable standby generator in place. That’s because your whole-home backup generator automatically switches on, allowing life to continue as normal, until Mother Nature is friendly again.

When you keep your whole-home backup generator in good repair, you enjoy a welcome peace of mind, knowing you’re ready for anything. If you’re far away when a storm and/or power outage hits, you still rest easy, knowing loved ones in the house are secure and comfortable. You’ll always have electricity when you need it with a dependable home backup generator—and an expert team ready for generator repair.

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Signs Your Standby Generator Needs Repair

When you notice these warning signs, get your generator repaired so you’re always prepared:

  • Generator startup problem: Generators normally sit idle and unused for a long time, and lack of use can drain the battery. Over time, parts of your generator can develop wear-and-tear issues or become loose. You need your generator to start immediately when needed, so call Robin Aire for prompt repairs.
  • Leaking generator: You may have a hazardous coolant, oil, or fuel leak. Check for signs like small puddles or drops nearby. If you see or smell anything, call in our experienced, licensed electricians in SE Michigan for generator repair.
  • Worn wiring: Our recommended annual generator inspection includes a professional evaluation of the electrical components and connections, looking for frayed wires and inoperable buttons. If you notice these signs, our team is ready to test voltage and make repairs to your generator so it runs properly and safely.
  • Diagnostics alert: Top-quality whole-home generators run self-tests to warn you of any potential problems. Our generator repair team can inspect the unit and make any needed repairs.
  • Generator maintenance overdue: Ideally, schedule a quick, professional generator tune-up each year. Then you may never need a major generator repair!

Why Choose Us for Backup Generator Repairs in SE Michigan?

With more than 30 years in business we’ve never wavered from our core values of providing friendly, top-quality home repair services, at an affordable price. Our electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Let our dependable, expert team repair and maintain your home’s personal electric grid—your automatic whole-home generator!

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