Rewiring & Surge Protectors in Southeast Michigan

Having safe, reliable access to electricity is a must for all Southeast Michigan residents. But for those living in older homes, power access can be a continuous source of frustration. Whether you live in a home that was built before the 1960s or are experiencing excess power surges, Robin Aire Service Company has the team of expert electricians to restore safety and reliability to your home.

Robin Aire proudly serves residents throughout Milford, Novi, Wixom, and Southeast Michigan, delivering exceptional rewiring and surge protection services that residents can trust. Our highly skilled technicians only use the most advanced tools and technologies to bring incredible electrical solutions to your home.

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Southeast Michigan Rewiring & Surge Protection Services

Homes built before 1960 can present major problems for homeowners—especially if their electrical wiring hasn’t been updated. During this time, homes relied on fuses rather than circuits to deliver power throughout the home. When a fuse was overloaded, it would blow, sometimes resulting in damaged equipment or even an electrical fire. But old homes aren’t all to blame for poor power supply; even newer homes can be overloaded by your power demands and lead to frequent power surges. Robin Aire provides the following expert services to help keep your home’s power supply safe and reliable:

  • Rewiring services: Update your home’s entire electrical system by rewiring it to suit the modern age.
  • Surge protection services: Manage the power supply across all your electronic devices and home appliances through our surge protection services designed to prevent your system from frequent overloads.

With help from the knowledgeable electricians at Robin Aire, you’ll have safe, reliable power restored to your home in no time.

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Why Choose Robin Aire for Southeast Michigan Rewiring & Surge Protection?

Robin Aire has proudly served Southeast Michigan families for more than 30 years, delivering exceptional customer care through our deep commitment to our shared community and environment. When you select electric services from our team, you’ll always experience the following:

  • Valuable referral program
  • Upfront, honest pricing
  • On-site metal shop for rapid repairs
  • Fully stocked service vans
  • Kind, courteous staff

No matter when you need electrical services for your Milford, Novi, or Wixom home, it’s always a good time to contact the team at Robin Aire.

Choose Robin Aire for Southeast Michigan’s Rewiring & Surge Protection Needs

Don’t let your home’s power supply dictate your daily life. With Robin Aire’s comprehensive rewiring and surge protection services, you’ll have safe, reliable power restored to your home in no time. Using the industry’s most advanced tools and technologies, our team will deliver the powerful solutions you need to regain trust in your home’s electricity.

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Rewiring FAQs

When should a home be rewired?

Over the last several decades, electrical codes and standards have evolved considerably, making today’s homes far safer and more comfortable. If your home is more than 40 years old or is showing signs of electrical problems, such as flickering lights, breakers that trip frequently, overloaded service panels, overheated wires, or damaged outlets, it may be time to consider rewiring. At Robin Aire, our rewiring services can make your home safer and provide the power necessary for today’s growing electrical demands.

My home has fuses. Should I rewire it?

If your home has any outdated or obsolete electrical components, such as fuses, aluminum wiring, cloth-insulated wires, or knob and tube wiring, it is important to either replace those components or to rewire your home completely. Modern wiring offers greater safety and convenience.

How long does rewiring take?

The length of the job will vary on the size of your home, its construction, and the amount of labor necessary. Most rewiring jobs will take at least one week, or a bit longer for large homes. Our team at Robin Aire can work with you to determine the best schedule, and we will provide the personnel necessary to complete the job on time and under budget.

Can we stay in the home while it is being rewired?

We do not recommend staying at home during the rewiring process. It can be messy, loud, and inconvenient, plus the power may be off for long periods while work is completed, though it may be possible to provide a temporary supply. Our team can work with you to complete the process as quickly and smoothly as possible, limiting the time you have to spend away from home.

What is replaced during a rewiring project?

The extent of the project will depend on the condition of the existing electrical system in your Michigan home, but a typical rewiring job typically includes a new service panel, breakers, wiring for each circuit, outlets, switches, lighting, and more. Our team will evaluate your home and recommend the best electrical upgrades for your needs and budget. Our aim is to make your home’s electrical system safe and reliable, with modern features like surge suppression, ground fault protection, arc fault protection, and more.

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