Furnace Maintenance in the Wixom, MI Area

As a Southeast Michigan resident, you know how important it is to have a properly functioning furnace during the winter months. Nothing is worse than going to turn up the heat in the dead of winter only to find that it’s not working. To prevent this nightmare from happening, annual furnace maintenance is important. Not only will maintenance ensure everything is working properly, but it also can help catch smaller issues before they turn into big, costly problems. See the difference that quality service makes, and call Robin Aire for your furnace tune-up service needs.

For reliable service in the Novi, Milford, and Wixom areas, call the professionals at Robin Aire. Our experienced technicians will get the job done right, so you can count on being comfortable in your home all season long. Give us a call at (800) 361-0888(800) 361-0888 today!

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

When the winter months hit Southeast Michigan, you want to be sure your furnace will turn on when you need it. One way to make that happen is to schedule your furnace inspection and maintenance before winter begins. Regular furnace maintenance not only will ensure your unit works for winter but also could help extend the life of your furnace. When you trust Robin Aire with your heating maintenance needs, you’re getting an experienced team of technicians who will get the job done right. We even have our own on-site metal shop, which allows us to provide a quick turnaround for our customers.

During our thorough furnace inspection, we’ll check out the major parts of your furnace, such as the heat exchangers, burners, fan switch, and more! We’ll see to it that your home is comfortable for you during the frigid winter months. We even offer worry-free service programs to our customers, so you can make sure your equipment is properly maintained and functioning efficiently all year long.

Why Choose Robin Aire for Your Heating Maintenance in Southeast Michigan?

Robin Aire has been around for two generations since 1985. We take pride in offering our customers the best service possible because to us, you’re more than just a customer — you’re our neighbor. We want residents of the Novi, Milford, and Wixom areas to be fully equipped for the Southeast Michigan seasons — that’s why we offer comprehensive cooling and heating inspection and maintenance services. See the difference that quality service makes, and give Robin Aire a call today!

For all of your Southeast Michigan heating and cooling needs, contact the professionals at Robin Aire. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and can solve all of your HVAC needs. Call us today at (800) 361-0888(800) 361-0888 to schedule your service with us!

Frequently Asked Furnace Questions in Wixom, MI

Have a question about the furnace in your home or looking to learn more about furnace maintenance? The professional heating contractors at Robin Aire are happy to help! Check out our FAQs, and if you need to know more, feel free to call or contact us online.

What kinds of heating systems need maintenance?

All heating systems require maintenance to some degree, though some more than others. Furnaces, both gas and electric, boilers, heat pumps, and radiant heaters all require some care.

How often should I get a furnace tune-up?

Furnace tune-ups provide the most benefits when you get them more often. Yearly is best for nearly all systems and homes, though you shouldn’t need service more often than that unless your system is very old. Also, remember that heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, so they need to be serviced twice a year in lieu of getting furnace and AC tune-ups.

Is an HVAC maintenance plan really worth it?

Absolutely. The savings provided by improved energy efficiency alone are enough to warrant the service. Add in avoiding furnace repair bills and increasing equipment life spans, and the answer is clear and easy. We wholeheartedly know that every home should be on a maintenance agreement plan!

What kind of filter does my furnace need? How often should I change it?

Filters come in fiberglass, pleated polyester, and HEPA varieties. HEPA filters are almost always too fine for a home HVAC system, meaning they’ll choke your furnace and cause damage. We recommend pleated filters for better air quality and airflow improvement, and they also last longer than their fiberglass counterparts.

If you’re using a pleated filter, changing it every two months should be sufficient. For fiberglass filters, be sure to change them out every month.

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