HVAC Repair, Replacement & Maintenance in Farmington Hills, MI

With warm summers and winter lows that drop well below freezing, it’s essential that your Farmington Hills home or business has a reliable heating and cooling system to keep you comfortable.

At Robin Aire Service Company, our certified, licensed, and insured HVAC specialists have the skills and expertise required that will keep residential and commercial HVAC systems in exceptional condition.

AC Services in Farmington Hills

Reliable air conditioning isn’t a luxury; it’s essential, and our teams understand the critical importance of your air conditioning systems for your health, safety, and comfort.

We offer a full range of air conditioning services, including:

  • Air conditioning repairOur NATE-certified HVAC technicians can repair frozen coils, seal refrigerant leaks, replace seized blower motors, and more.
  • Air conditioning installation and replacement: We can perform comprehensive load calculations, site preparation, and more. If your current AC still runs on Freon, we offer R-22 conversions. We are always prepared to install, test, and demonstrate how to achieve optimal energy efficiency and performance from your new air conditioner.
  • Air conditioning maintenance: Our preventative maintenance services will ensure energy efficiency, extend the serviceable life span of your air conditioner, and reduce your long-term ownership costs from frequent repairs, high energy bills, and premature replacement.

Contact Robin Aire at (800) 361-0888(800) 361-0888 to schedule air conditioning service in Farmington Hills or the surrounding areas.

Heating Services in Farmington Hills

Our NATE-certified technicians are experts at servicing your gas and electric furnaces. We will keep your heating system in excellent condition so it’s ready to provide reliable heating over the coldest months of the year.

Our residential heating services include:

  • Furnace repair: Our HVAC technicians can replace cracked heat exchangers, repair or replace malfunctioning motors, unclog fuel lines, and more. We adhere to strict safety and quality standards and guarantee the reliability of the repairs we provide.
  • Furnace installation and replacement: We’ll help you size and install the best gas or electric furnace for your needs. We comply with all applicable codes and manufacturer requirements.
  • Furnace maintenance: Our preventative furnace maintenance services include changing air filters, testing electrical or gas components, cleaning the cabinet, and more.

Contact Robin Aire at (800) 361-0888(800) 361-0888 or online to request furnace service in Farmington Hills and throughout Southeast Michigan.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Farmington Hills

Improving the quality of the air you breathe will improve your health, increase your energy, and make your home feel more comfortable.

Our indoor air quality solutions will help you breathe easier by removing the dust, dander, pollen, VOCs, etc., that can trigger allergies and exacerbate respiratory conditions.

Robin Aire’s indoor air quality solutions and services in Southeast Michigan include:

  • Variable speed motors
  • Wi-Fi thermostats
  • MERV air filters
  • Air purifiers
  • UV lights
  • Whole-home humidifiers

Call Robin Aire at (800) 361-0888(800) 361-0888 or contact us online to request indoor air quality solutions in Farmington Hills and throughout Southeast Michigan.

Commercial HVAC Services in Farmington Hills

We offer fast commercial HVAC services to ensure that a faulty HVAC system doesn’t make you, your staff, and guests uncomfortable:

Industries We Serve

We offer commercial HVAC services to a wide range of industries in the region, including:

Why Choose Robin Aire?

At Robin Aire Service Company, you will always enjoy superior service and exceptional system performance. When you choose our NATE-certified HVAC technicians to service your systems, we guarantee:

  • Free estimates on replacement quotes
  • Free estimates on service calls
  • Upfront pricing
  • Background checked technicians
  • Financing options
  • And more benefits!

Plus, Robin Aire’s Worry-Free Service Program makes it easy to stay on top of maintenance and enjoy optimal system performance. We’ll help you reduce utility bills, prolong system longevity, and achieve optimal energy efficiency year after year.

Contact Robin Aire at (800) 361-0888(800) 361-0888 to schedule HVAC services in Farmington Hills today!

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